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Environmental enthusiast and owner of Emerald Magic strives to educate both employees and clients as to beneficial and healthy lawn and landscape practices on Long Island.


10 to 50 million Americans per year develop an allergic rash after contact with the above poisonous plants. There are three ways to contact this allergic rash:


    • Direct Contact – touching the sap
    • Indirect Contact – touching something which had been in contact with the poisonous plant. ex. Fur on animals, garden tools, or sporting equipment.
    • Airborne particles, ex. if a poisonous plant was on fire.

Once in contact, it penetrates within minutes and will usually appear as a rash within 12-48 hours.Swelling and redness along with blisters and sever itching will occur and can take 10 days or longer to heal.


Our Landscapes are also harmed by Poison Ivy. Poison Ivy is an invasive vine, meaning it likes to creep and crawl and choke out your beautiful landscape plantings and trees. It doesn’t just stop with Poison Ivy, other invasive plants like Bittersweet and Wisteria are also tree killers.


During Super Storm Sandy over 50% of the trees that fell were inundated with invasive vines. Not to worry, we have a control plan! Emerald Magic – Got Poison Ivy is here for you. We provide free inspection and estimates.

Tips of the Trade

Emerald Magic Recommends to:

  • Always take caution when doing any kind of gardening or planting.

  • Turning up soil can also turn up unseen poison ivy roots that will give you a terrible rash.

  • Wear gloves and long sleeves at all times while engaging in yardwork.

  • Proceed with Caution. Some of the worst poison ivy infestations we see are at the beach,
    the golf course and at the school baseball and soccer fields!

  • Avoid Indirect contact with the oils as usher oils can stay on your tools and clothes for
    over a year!

  • Your pets can also harbor these oils in their fur and transfer it to you.

  • Most importantly, NEVER, EVER BURN A POISONOUS PLANT! Airborne oils can get
    trapped in your lungs and make for a very unhappy hospital visit.

Poison Ivy and Invasive Vine Control is best left to the Professionals!

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If you haven’t yet picked up Tecnu we highly recommend that it become a regular in your medicine cabinet like it is in ours. Tecnu is a lotion applied after gardening or after you think you have been exposed to Poison Ivy oils. Washing with Tecnu removes Poison ivy oils from your skin. It is always better to be safe than sorry! (and no one knows it better than us!)