Emerald Magic Lawncare - About Us
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About us

Emerald Magic Lawn Care, Inc. is a local, community based lawn care company serving Suffolk County for over 30 years! At Emerald Magic, we believe in making the world a greener place while educating our clients and neighbors about beneficial environmental practice. Our goal is to enhance the beauty and value of every client’s property while exceeding their expectations every step of the way!


At Emerald Magic, we are NOFA accredited organic land care specialists, offering customers a variety of options and levels of service, from organic approach to full organic programs. We also provide seeding services from small repairs to total lawn renovations, and holiday lighting and Decor for both your home and business! Year round, Emerald Magic is here for you!


We like to stay involved in the community as we belong to most town chambers and attend tons of community events. Craig’s passion project “Old Town Blooms” (you may have seen us in the Times Beacon Record & Newsday!) has been a great collaboration of neighbors, friends and community members coming together to beautify our neighborhoods, planting thousands of daffodils along Old Town Road (over 20,000 so far!)


Craig den Hartog
Horticultural Consultant

Environmental enthusiast and owner of Emerald Magic strives to educate both employees and clients as to beneficial and healthy lawn and landscape practices on Long Island.

Craig believes strongly in education and self-improvement and is always attending seminars in leading green industry practices while maintaining close relationship with other professionals in the industry.
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Our Mission: To enhance the beauty and value or every client’s property while exceeding their expectations every step of the way!


Our Vision: To be recognized by our clients, our team members and experts in our industry as the best lawn care company in our market area. Welcome to our family!

Our Promise

You can expect Emerald Magic to:

  • Feed your lawn regularly to keep it healthy, beautiful and green.

  • Strive to develop and maintain a relatively weed, crabgrass, and nut sedge – free lawn.

  • Advise me, periodically, as to best practices for watering and mowing my lawn correctly.

  • At all times close and/or lock all gates and doors behind us.

  • Blow sidewalks, patios and driveways free of debris.

  • Monitor my lawn and landscape for unanticipated or developing horticultural issues.

  • Provide drug-free, background tested, licensed applicators to work on my property.

  • Contact me promptly if there is an issue or concern that you feel I should know about.

  • Periodically advise me as to other services you feel that my property/home could benefit from.

  • Keep my property safe! Ensure that toys, pools, ponds, or and other objects on my property are not affected by applied materials.

  • Minimize environmental effects of applications by monitoring and applying as needed to achieve great results.

  • Assure me that you will do your best to make my lawn look its best!

Express Response Policy


Fast service – when the boss cares, everyone cares. We pride ourselves on being professional, friendly, honest, and courteous. This is why we apply the correct products at the right times. As long as the program selected includes controls for the problem, we will treat your lawn at no extra cost to you.