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A Note from Craig: We love our clients, we love our Earth!

The first step to a happy and healthy lawn and landscape is to feed the soil with soil building organics. Living soil is essential for good crops, a healthy planet and a green lawn! Healthy soil holds a wealth of organic material made up of worms, good bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that work together to help plants thrive. Building a rich, diverse and healthy soil ecosystem is important for any lawn.

Lawns that have the proper adjusted pH levels utilize fertilizer nutrients much more efficiently then lawns with poor pH levels. Our pelletized lime applications will adjust and maintain your pH level to support the nutrients that we’re applying.

We recommend checking your soil composition once every three years and scheduling the recommended services. Our best lawns are limed every year! As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule your Lime application!

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Planter of Old Town Blooms.

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Express Response Policy: Fast service - when the boss cares, everyone cares. We pride ourselves on being professional, friendly, honest, and courteous. This is why we apply the correct products at the right times. As long as the program selected includes controls for the problem, we will treat your lawn at no extra cost to you.


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